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Enrich your tea drinking with a Tea Infuser

Posted on 07 September 2015

Tips on how to use your Lyfe Tea Tea Infuser.

Measure the correct amount of tea into the infuser for the number of
cups you're making. For Lyfe Tea it is a single tablespoon per 8oz of
water. Begin by boiling 8oz of water. Once the water has reached the
right temperature gentle swirl your infuser around to help release the
nutrients in the tea. 

The correct steeping time for the morning tea is 3-5 minutes. If you are
steeping the evening detox tea we recommend only steeping for 1 minute
to begin with. And then working your way up from there. Some people are
more sensitive to a detox and may require less tea for the same effect. 

Once you are finished steeping simply remove the infuser from the tea.
If there are any particles in your tea simply use a strainer to transfer
the tea to a new cup. You can also add any natural sweeteners to either
tea to make them more attuned to your tastes.

Now get to brewing!

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