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We Are Blaming the Kardashians

Posted on 16 December 2016


Anything that happens is seemed to be blamed on the Kardashians, but what we should actually blame them for the clothes we buy and the fashion trends we copy. 


This family has the most influence on fashion in the world, and they know it. 

Here is the list....


1. Liquid lipstick

This is who your dehydrated lips have to thank for all those liquid lipsticks you’ve been buying.


2. Corsets over tops

It still stuns me that this has caught on.



3. Bike shorts

Athletic wear: it’s not just for pants anymore.


4. Oversized shirts

2016 was a great year for food babies.




5. Neutral-colored lips

A lot has changed since Tay Tay ruled the pop culture world with her little red lips.


6. Exposed bra t-shirts

Because why spend money on lingerie that nobody sees until it’s “u up” o’clock?


7. Chokers

Chokers instantly became uncool the second T Swift and her squad started wearing them, but you can blame the Kardashians for wearing them so much that she got wind of them in the first place.



8. See-through shoes

For the love of Snapchat, don’t forget to get your toenails did.



9. Perspex heels

Otherwise known as stripper heels.


10. Boxer braids

A great trend for the girl who wants to spend an extra 30 minutes getting ready for work every morning.




11. Monochrome

This one’s all Monica Rose, stylist to literally every socially relevant celebrity.




12. Dad hats

Oh haiiiii patriarchy.




13. Slips over t-shirts

I’ll never forgive you for this, Kenny.


14. Lace-up everything

They were way ahead of everybody else on this one.




15. Thigh high boots

These have come a long way since Anne Hathaway (yes, Anne Hathaway!) debuted the first relevant pair of the 21st-century in “The Devil Wears Prada.” Still, be honest, did you even think about buying a pair of thigh high boots before this summer?



16. Sheer everything

I see London, I see France, I see Kardashian underpants.



17. 2000s Nostalgia

If only they knew how truly horrible 2000s fashion can get.




18. Off the shoulder shirts

Let those armpits breathe, baby!



19. Lingerie as outerwear

Honestly, it’s about time this came back.



20. Pablo merch

This is one I’m super guilty of. My boyfriend and I were at the MSG show where Kanye first started selling Pablo merch and we didn’t wait in line because we thought they were nowhere near cool enough to spend that kind of money on.

But the more I saw the Kardashians & Jenners wear the merch, the more it started to look cool to me and before you know it, I was counting my lucky stars that I was standing in line at the pop-up shop in NYC dropping close to $100 on some overpriced and overhyped merch.

Thanks, guys. My bank account owes you one.




21. Tube tops

Next time you’re hiking your tube top up as it slides down your boobs, thank the K-Js.



22. Satin

Satin is the poor man’s velvet.



23. Snakeskin



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