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Lyfe Tea Done Right

Posted on 07 October 2016

Year after year, the debate about the merits and dangers of teatoxing rages on. Conventional medical professionals argue that the body’s impressive elimination system is all it needs to detoxify itself. Progressive and integrative health professionals argue that our bodies are overloaded with gunk, and that this teatox program offers an effective way of lightening our toxic burdens.

Both camps have a point.

It’s true that the body has a robust detoxification system built right in: The liver snags environmental toxins that circulate in the blood, the kidneys flush out digestive byproducts like uric acid and mineral buildup, and the lungs filter the air we breathe and expel the junky bits through exhalation and coughing. The skin eliminates toxins through sweat (and, in a pinch, blemishes), while the intestines host huge colonies of bacteria that neutralize toxic substances before evicting food wastes.

But it’s also true that our bodies aren’t always up to the detoxification challenges we modern humans throw their way, and that they tend to respond better to early, preventive care than to late, dramatic interventions. This is why it is best to try Lyfe Tea sooner rather than later. The longer the damage is done to your system the harder it will be to get a clean and effective detox.

Now this is not to say that Lyfe Tea can not benefit everyone. It can. But before entering into a bond with the cleansing power of Lyfe Tea there are two things you must take note of, your commitment and what your expectations should be. 

Number 1.

How committed are you? Are you really going to buckle down and jumpstart this new lifestyle? Are you going to eat healthier, exercise more, and try to cut back on unhealthy habits? If your answer is yes to all of these then a Lyfe Tea Teatox cleanse will possibly give you some astounding results. The way to get the best results with anything in life is to create a rhythm and be consistent. Our morning and night cycle are perfect in that the morning tea is meant to be drank with breakfast and the evening tea is meant to be drank 30 minutes before bedtime. Our goal is to make you ask have I drank my tea this morning, or did I drink my tea tonight? It should become as reflexive as brushing your teeth in the morning or taking a bath at night.

Number 2.

Are your expectations realistic? Are you wanting to drop a couple of lbs to fit in a dress or swimsuit in a few weeks? Then Lyfe Tea is perfect for that goal. If your expected results are to lose a large sum of weight, then there is good news for you too. It may not be the quick 2 or 4 week fix you are expecting, but with a dedicated regimen and consistent use, Lyfe Tea has effectively created healthier people with massive amounts of excess weight.

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