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  • Blueberry Matcha With Shaker Bottle
  • Blueberry Matcha With Shaker Bottle
  • Blueberry Matcha With Shaker Bottle

Lyfe Tea

Blueberry Matcha With Shaker Bottle

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Black Shaker Bottle
Hot Pink Shaker Bottle


This bundle includes our proprietary blend of Lyfe Tea Matcha and our Lyfe Tea Shaker Bottle. Our proprietary blend of Matcha is the highest quality green tea on the market. Specially selected plants are hand-picked and then ground into a fine powder, which, when whisked with hot or cold water, becomes a beverage of amazing taste and health benefits. Enjoy our proprietary blend of Matcha in a smoothie or latte.  Matcha is used in a variety of cooking and baking. Each package contains 240 grams or approximately 15 servings.

Our Lyfe Tea Shaker Bottle with your favorite Matcha makes the perfect bundle! With the patent metal shaker ball included. Available in Black or Hot Pink, 400ml, BPA Free, Dishwasher Friendly.

Matcha is used to flavor

  • Appetizers & Entrees
  • Pastries, Cookies & Cakes
  • Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream
  • Matcha Smoothies
  • Matcha Confections
  • Matcha Flavored Pasta
  • Matcha Seasonings
  • Matcha Shakes
  • Matcha Cereals
  • Matcha Energy Bars
  • Matcha Martinis & Alcoholic Beverages

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