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  • Detox Tea Only
  • Detox Tea Only

Lyfe Tea

Detox Tea Only

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Each package contains 28 Day Supply of our Detox Tea in Loose Leaf.  

The Lyfe Detox Tea is a colon cleanse. The tea cleans out your entire digestive tract, removing unwanted toxins that may be: preventing you from losing weight; making you bloated; preventing you from absorbing all of the nutrients from the food you eat. This makes you feel tired, sluggish, and overall average on a daily basis. 


The Detox Lyfe Tea allows your body to rid itself of Toxins that may have been building up over many years. This aids in excess energy, boosts metabolism and allows impurities to leave your body. Many feel their skin and body become healthier after drinking this tea. 


Enjoy a cup of our Detox Tea every evening to rid your body and life of toxins. Both teas can be prepared in a Lyfe Tea Lemon Infuser (sold separately) or Lyfe Tea Self Filling Tea Bag ( sold separately).


PLEASE NOTE that for maximal results we recommend the teatox packs and the colon cleanse packs be taken together for maximum effect.   


Order contains 28 day supply of our Lyfe Tea Detox Tea in Loose Leaf.  Lemon Infuser or Box of Self Filling Tea Bags sold separately.

  *Results may vary*

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