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Top 10 Spring Break destinations in the USA

Posted on 09 March 2016


When ranked among college students, these were the Top 10 Destinations to spend Spring Break!

Why go: Although a Florida vacation can be pricey, this Miami mainstay is surprisingly accessible. Clubs and bars line the streets, encouraging night owls to stay out until the wee hours. And by day, the city's beaches make a pleasant place to perfect your tan. 


Why go: Cancún has long held its reputation as a popular spring break destination in North America. And with affordable lodging, long stretches of sand and a rollicking night scene, it's easy to see why. 

Why go: The white sands of the Bahamas lure hordes of sun-seekers year after year. But even those who aren't avid sunbathers can soak up the scenery and Caribbean culture. Plus, cheap lodging makes it easy for budget travelers to enjoy all the Bahamas has to offer. 

#Cabo San Lucas
Why go: Though hotels tend to charge steep rates, Cabo San Lucas stands as the party capital of southern Baja. Beautiful beaches like Playa Médano appeal to students in need of some R&R. Meanwhile, nightlife hot spots crank up the party scene through the wee hours.

Why go: While airfare and lodging rates generally put Maui out of reach for travelers on a shoestring budget, spring offers a bit of a reprieve. The island's winter visitors have already left and the summer crowds have yet to arrive, meaning scoring deals can be relatively easy. Temps in the mid-80s don't hurt either. 

#Puerto Vallarta
Why go: By day, Puerto Vallarta is tailor-made for outdoorsy types, with its sands and hidden coves. And once the sun sets, abundant happy hour specials cater to those on a tight budget. Plus, night owls can let loose in Puerto Vallarta's vibrant bars, clubs and beach parties.

Why go: During the rest of the year, South Padre Island (located at the southern tip of Texas) ushers in families to its luxury resort hotels and beautiful beaches. But when springtime rolls around, SPI's sands and affordable accommodations fill with temporary revelers.
Why go: Playa del Carmen is often compared to Cancún with its affordable accommodations and popularity among 20-somethings. However, Playa del Carmen is more laid-back. This Euro-chic mainstay is perfect for those looking for a low-key spring getaway filled with beach-lounging and boutique-strolling.
Why go: Jamaica has been a go-to spring break getaway for years. The resort-laden Caribbean island boasts aquatic activities by day and plenty of low-key venues for partying at night. Montego Bay and Negril are particularly popular spots, but no matter where you stay, keep your wits about you. 
Why go: Mild temperatures, a 3-mile boardwalk and busy Mission Beach make San Diego a popular choice for spring breakers before the crowds descend in the summer months. Plus, the various bars and nightclubs keep the party going long after the sun goes down.


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