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Why You Should Drink Like A Gentleman

Posted on 23 June 2016

Lyfe Tea.. Drink Like a Gentleman

 When we think of tea, we don’t think of a man anymore. We think of the old English with their tea and biscuits, we think of little girls with their stuffed animals sitting around a small princess table, we think of grannies and their book clubs, and we think of old movies that have almost been forgotten. But, I think it’s time we change that and bring the tea drinking gentleman back. The one who opens doors, says “please” and “thank you”, stands when you get up from the table, and shows respect at all times. Those are the men women want to marry, and give their love to.


In this modern era, it’s almost as if manners have been forgotten. I mean wouldn’t it be nice to find a nice old fashioned man in today’s time. For example, sending a text or message on facebook takes minutes and isn’t personal. It is much more exciting to find a handwritten note or invitation being slipped under your door, placed on your car, or in the mail. It speaks volume, and says “WOW”!



You may be a guy reading this thinking it’s a different time, and I am who I am. This isn’t something that still counts.

Well, let’s go over a few things. We in no way want to change who you are, because you being you is the reason we like you. However, being a gentleman is a huge plus, and will get you more than the girl you want. It gets you respect, a better career, class, recognition, people are more likely to remember you, and it will make life easier on you. Manners aren't something that should feel forced: rather, they should make the people around you feel better about being around you. Which in return, makes for a happier life.

I hope we are making some sense now. So, what does tea have to do with being a gentleman, and why should you drink tea? When women see a man who drinks tea, they see a handsome sweet caring man who they want to get to know. They see a man who opens the door when they get out of the car or leave a business. They see a man who gives her his coat when it’s cold, rises when she leaves the room, helps her be seated, has great table manners, likes to bring her flowers for no special occasion, listens to her when she speaks, walks her safely to her door, keeps his word, makes reservations, seeks adventure, and gives compliments. They see their prince charming, or what they hope will be. Perform these acts, be a gentleman, and drink tea. It will pay off; you will see.

Just try it. The next time you go to a coffee house or café, ask for tea in a tea cup. The next you are entertaining her, get out your favorite teapot.


How to Make Tea:


Take 8oz of boiling water and pour it into the teapot, swirl a tablespoon of Morning Lyfe Tea around a bit. Think you’re done? Swirl it a bit more to be sure. Now you’re done.

 Put one more table spoon of tea leaves and another 8oz of boiling water on for each person who is joining you in this tea adventure. If you’re using tea bags, just use one tea bag per person and one extra for the pot.

 Let it sit for 5 – 10 minutes. It is now tea. The tea leaves should have settled, but tip the tea pot gently as you pour to make sure they stay at the bottom.

 Pour the newly made tea first into her cup, and then into yours. It is customary to do it in a clockwise direction starting immediately to your left. You must be using tea cups, not mugs. You may then add honey and sugar to taste.


Play some jazz, Marvin Gaye, or classical music and watch the sparks begin to fly and her eyes light up.



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